Important Things You May Not Know About HIPAA, Medical Records, and

Privacy Regulations 

What you will learn:

Current information related to HIPAA requirements and penalties
Recognize and identify the challenges that are related to dealing with mental health records.
Discuss mistakes that are made during electronic billing.
Medicaid and Medicare Fraud Implications.
The HIPAA Concerns: Privacy, patient access to medical records, and record retention.

Regular Price: 150.00

CEU Hours For Course: 6

Becoming a Provider For Insurance Companies

​This course will assist LPC's in learning how to fill out the paperwork for insurance companies THE FIRST TIME without receiving deficiency letters related to entries on the applications being incorrect or inaccurate. The participants of this seminar will receive  step by step instructions on ways to fill out the paperwork for the top ten insurance companies as well as know how to fill out the application for the National Provider Identifier (NPI) and the Texas Provider Identifier (TPI).

Seminar Price: $375.00

CEU Hours for Course: 6

RT Counseling Services

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What you will Learn:

Ethical theories, principles, and the application  of these principles to counseling practice.

The history of ethical counseling

Theories related to ethics

The importance of making ethical decisions and much more!

Regular Price: $120.00